In April 2011 I ran the London Marathon and raised £2600 for Asthma UK. It was a 'once in a lifetime' experience...or so I thought. Bravely (or stupidly) I'm doing it again, and this blog will chart my progress while I train for my second London Marathon. Come with me on my journey towards the big day. Here I go...again!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Does my bum look big in this...?

I wouldn't normally go for's not really my colour...but in less than two weeks time I'll be wearing my very orange Muscular Dystrophy vest around the streets of London.

I've added my name to the front to ensure maximum crowd support as I'm pretty sure that will be what gets me round the last half of the course.

Apologies in advance, but I'll be boring you even more than normal in the next ten days as I begin to obsess about various aspects of the day. Some of these will no doubt be manifesting themselves in dreams and nightmares, and I'll tell you about the ones I remember. Some of last years were quite funny.

Ok, so in no particular order, here's what I'll be obsessing about...

The weather

After such a dry winter I've almost forgotten what it's like to run in the rain (quite miserable, in case you're wondering), so I'm really hoping it will be dry for us again this year. I'm almost at the point where I can start watching the long term weather forecast, although I might make myself wait an extra day or two for that one.

As the day gets closer I'll go from checking the BBC forecast about three times a day to checking any online forecast that might happen to mention London at least four times an hour.

The Kit

There's a comprehensive list of what I need to take in the 'marathon news' magazine, and the MD team have also sent me a checklist, but I will, of course, have to make my own checklist. I'll pack everything I need in the next few days, and then empty the contents of the bag at least once a day to ensure that nothing has spontaneously combusted since the last time I checked. This will apply especially to my registration form and passport, without which I won't be able to collect my running number.

The Expo

I think this is probably a hang over from one of last years bad dreams...I arrive at the Expo for them to tell me I'm not really registered/the marathon was last weekend/I'm starting from a different start to everyone else, but they can't tell me why...or where.

The Big Day

This is the worst for provoking nightmares...I can't get to the start line/ I get to the start line but everyone else has already started/ I'm too slow and get lost in a building and end up on the thirtieth floor in a lift that won't work/ I fall over my laces within the first few paces and have to retire injured...pick any or all of the above.

The Sponsorship

I guess this is the only real worry worth worrying about. Muscular Dystrophy have given me one of their prize Gold Bond marathon places. In return, I promised to raise as much money as I could for them to support the amazing work that they do.

Through the generosity of friends, and some creative fundraising, I'm up to almost £1000...but I need your help to raise more.

Please search down the back of your sofas, and plunder your purses. Add up your pennies and visit my Just Giving page at or text Jass73 £x to 70070 (and replace x with the amount you'd like to donate). Go it now.

Your donation will really help to make a difference to the lives of the people that the Muscular Dystrophy team work so hard to help.

Thank you x

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