In April 2011 I ran the London Marathon and raised £2600 for Asthma UK. It was a 'once in a lifetime' experience...or so I thought. Bravely (or stupidly) I'm doing it again, and this blog will chart my progress while I train for my second London Marathon. Come with me on my journey towards the big day. Here I go...again!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Grrr asthma

I went out for a two mile run this morning. It was really quite warm, and I was glad I didn't wear a fleece.
My breathing still isn't great - I'm quite wheezy on and off - and I'm having to slow my pace a fair bit just to keep going. It's bothered me on and off over the last couple of days (and nights) and I don't want it to impact on my training, but I've come to the conclusion that worrying doesn't help.
I'm going to monitor how it goes over the next week and will pay a visit to my Asthma nurse if nothing improves.
My next planned run is Thursday, so I'll let you know how that goes.
Today was my day off, and I spent a bit of time studying the interactive map of the marathon route.
You can find it here...
...and it's quite interesting to see the twists and turns of the course, and there's snippets information for runners and spectators.
Ooh...exciting! Not long to go now!!


  1. Ref: your Asthma I went to Cardio Fit Class last night and I found it really hard on my breathing, I think it as something to do with the weather at the moment I'm monitoring it myself. My cardio Fit Teacher did think it might also be one of my tablets that might need changing...
    Keep it up you are doing Fanastic

  2. Thanks for the encouragement :o)
    I'm usually only like this when I'm coming down with a cold.
    Keep up your good work too!