In April 2011 I ran the London Marathon and raised £2600 for Asthma UK. It was a 'once in a lifetime' experience...or so I thought. Bravely (or stupidly) I'm doing it again, and this blog will chart my progress while I train for my second London Marathon. Come with me on my journey towards the big day. Here I go...again!

Friday, 18 November 2011

My new personal trainer

Standards have slipped during my week's holiday, and with the alarm turned off my early morning run turned into a mid-morning run.

Youngest daughter (aka Kong) has a day off school, so I convinced her that she wanted to keep me company on today's outing.

Trainers on and fully warmed up, we headed out and up through the local housing estate. Up is no exaggeration - it's hilly round here!

Kong is a real slave driver...and a fast runner. Despite all my attempts to slow her down we kept a 10min/mile pace and I was very grateful to reach a plateau, and even more grateful to hit the downhill stretch.

She looked fresh as a daisy by the end, while I was the colour of overcooked beetroot.

Her advice...? 'Not bad, but you need to work harder on the uphills, Mum.'

Thanks, Kong.

Maybe I'll recruit her to come out with me on my next long run and see what pace she keeps...or on second thoughts, maybe not - she'd probably beat me over long distances, too!


  1. Runs at a quicker pace will help build your stamina, you should get 'Kong' to do a similar pace run with you each week.

  2. I would, but I'm not sure I can afford the bribes (or the humiliation of being beaten up hills all the time!)